About Us...

Bowland Photo is the partnership of photographers Margaret Mortimer and Jason Merrin.


We both have our own styles and ways of seeing and taking photographs but we both share an overwhelming passion for the the great outdoors and in particular the Forest of Bowland. We love capturing its beauty and feel privileged to live here and be able to share out photography with you. We can often both be found wondering around the areas surrounding our home in Bowland with our two miniature Jack Russell dogs  Poppy & Daisy.

Margaret Mortimer

Margaret in contemplation in the cafe in Waddington.

Margaret has had a passion for photography from being a young girl. She was inspired by people such as Ansel Adams. One of Margaret's favourite quotes by Ansel Adams is...


"A good photograph is knowing where to stand".

A section of the River Hodder shortly after Newton in Bowland bridge following its path towards Dunsop Bridge.

River Hodder by Margaret Woodward

© Bowland Photo 2016

When Margaret left school and began her career the first thing she bought herself with her very first wage was a camera. Margaret has been taking photographs ever since that time.


Margaret has a real passion for landscape photography  and can often be found wading through rivers or climbing rocks and trees to get that perfect angle. Because of her determination to get to find a new angle and her willingness to get wet and muddy her images often turn out to be from a different angle to the usual ones anyone else would find.


After visiting family and spending holidays in the Forest of Bowland for many years Margaret moved to Bowland in 2015 and is already gaining a reputation within the local community for her outstanding landscape photography of the area.


Jason Merrin 'man with camera'

A photo of me protecting one of my favourite British Landmarks, the wonderful Perch Rock Lighthouse in New Brighton.

I was given a  Kodak Disc Camera for a birthday gift as a young boy and was bitten by the photography bug there and then. Even at that young age I had a keen interest in photography. I was fascinated with record sleeves and graphic design and studied the photographs and logos for hours.

Dunnow Hall situated between Newton in Bowland and Slaidburn in the Forest of Bowland

I also moved to the Forest of Bowland in 2015 and absolutely adore living in the Pennines and in particular the Hodder Valley.


I too am very passionate about landscape photography though I have an equal passion for architecture. If I can combine the two like the photograph of Dunnow Hall above then its a perfect scenario for me.


Poppy & Daisy

Last but not least our four legged friends & walking companions.


Poppy (Left) & Daisy (Right) are miniature Jack Russell sisters who have been with us since they were 8 weeks old in February 2014.


They can be seen with us on the majority of our photo walks  around the Forest of Bowland and although they have tiny legs they never ever EVER get tired of walking.

If you see us.. Say hello..

Poppy & Daisy


Dunnow Hall by Jason Merrin